One Heart One Voice


One Heart One Voice

A choir, a competition and a quest to become the Voice of the City

If you’ve ever sung in a choir or been part of any community group, then you will laugh and cry with the progress of this wonderful community choir.  Witness their journey as they rehearse for their Big Sing Competition and deal with issues of young love, remembering their music, scarcity of men, lack of confidence, fundraising, childminding, old age and bad pianos. 

In the suburb just where you live, the local Choir is keen to enter into The Big Sing Competition which is being run for choirs throughout the city by the local FM radio station.

Encouraged by their inspiring Musical Director, who believes they can do it, and by their enthusiastic Chairperson, who mounts a recruiting drive to enlist more men, The Committee decides to hold a Sausage Sizzle to raise money for a new piano, which they are convinced will enhance their chances of winning the prize and earning them the prestigious title – Voice of the City.

The Sizzle is a great success.  A piano is purchased, extra men have swelled their numbers and everyone is very excited.  Rehearsals for the competition begin really well but things start falling apart on the day of their performance when soloist Martha can’t get a baby sitter and the Choir of Friends, who have volunteered to join in and help swell the numbers, gets lost on their way.

To make things worse, they have just heard the performance from their main competitor Strike a Chord and it is scarily good.

Find out what happens when everything goes right and wrong at the same time as The Choir attempts to win the prize when they sing with One Heart and One Voice.

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