Voiceworks Workshop Performance

Vocal Ensemble Voiceworks


Vocal Ensemble Voiceworks (VEV) is a not-for-profit incorporated association with a strong commitment to:

  • Promoting the performing arts within our community.
  • Educating and encouraging standards of excellence in singing and performance.
  • Creating opportunities for people with disabilities to be included in our programs and performances.
  • Providing affordable entertainment for our community in ways which reflect community values.
  • Fostering, creating and promoting opportunities for the community to attend and participate in musical performances and events.

VEV has a combined average annual membership of 90 members and consists of two professionally managed teaching and performance ensembles.

  • An ‘Open Arms’ (non-auditioning) community choir
  • A performance ensemble which fosters the talents of young people who are living with disabilities
  • Everyone is welcome to join
  • New members are welcome
  • Includes both professional and non-professional members
  • No auditions necessary, but an interview and assessment is required
  • A teaching choir with a commitment to up-skilling and excellence
  • Comprehensive training programs in theatre and communication skills
  • Rehearsals are held weekly
  • Rehearsals are held weekly
  • Performances regularly throughout the year
  • Performances regularly throughout the year

VEV is proudly supported by: