About Us

Vocal Ensemble Voiceworks (Voiceworks) is a professionally-directed community choir. Our members have a wide range of skills and abilities. We welcome and encourage all comers who would like to join in and enjoy the experience of singing and making music with a really positive group of likeminded people.

We have two main visions. Firstly to make beautiful music and secondly to have fun.
Both are equally as important!

Although the membership of our choir is ever evolving, Voiceworks has been an important part of the local community since 2005. And in true testament to the wonder that is Voiceworks we have a number of veteran members who have been with us since conception.

What We Do
• We offer weekly, professional-lead sessions which prepare us for end-of-term performances
• We teach you what you need to know
• We welcome all people regardless of age, race, gender etc.
• We will NOT make you audition. If you can talk….You can sing. We’ll help you find your voice

Why Sing
• Because it’s good for us…both physically and emotionally
• It allows us to express ourselves
• It nurtures confidence, creativity and commitment
• It connects us, developing community and friendship with others

We Value
Creativity – You will have the opportunity to express yourself fully through singing
Community – The local community and our Voiceworks community are integral to what we do
Diversity – We accept and appreciate all differences
Inclusion – We build an environment where you feel you belong
Knowledge Sharing – Through our professional tuition and with the regular addition of other local professionals we know you will develop and shine
Laughter – There will be silliness. Because we like it and we’re here to have fun and because laughter is a great way to prepare your voice for singing.

With our values at the forefront of our mind in 2013 VoiceworksPLUS was established.
VoiceworksPLUS is a group of young people and adults with varying disabilities who, like Voiceworks meet once a week to express themselves through song.
For more information on VoiceworksPLUS click here